All Islamic Series EpisodesDestan Season 1 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles.

Epic chapter 17:

When Balamir and Cholpan took over the Western Gökkhanate, Alpagu Khan declared war. When the sons of all the tribal chiefs killed by Alpagu Khan left them and entered Balamir, there was only one solution left; Asking for support from China in exchange for salt.

Akkız and Batuga split up to prevent this and they underwent major surgery. Temur chose his side and stood near Batuga. Akkız and Temur conspired with the Sabars and attacked all the salt shops in the Gök Khanate.

Batuga and Saltuk, on the other hand, want to force their tribe, which has been cut off by infectious disease and salt deficiency, to make peace with the smallpox vaccine and the promise of salt.

Akkız and Batuga’s grand plans do not please Balamir, who is playing for khanate in the new kingdom, and he decides to eliminate Batuga.

Will Batuga be able to save Balamir and tell all the truth to his father Alpagu Khan, who wants to force Alpagu to meet with the locals by taking salt to give to China?

How will Akkız respond to the marriage request of Manço, leader of the Sabars, to find his mother, who he knows is dead?

Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

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