Barbaroslar Season 1 With Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar With Hindi Subtitles

Watch Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 With Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 With Hindi Subtitles

The Barbaroslar Season 1 Chapter or Episode 1 Summary With Review And Explanation.

In the new episode, what awaits the Barbarossa brothers in the Battle of Life and Death for their cases:

Hızır, Piri, and İlyas, who had secretly infiltrated Seychelles to save the captured Hüma, Esma, Isabel, and Meryem, were caught in Don Diego’s trial. It was Oruç, Murad, and the Levents who were able to save the enslaved Muslims who began to send Selim Tumi to Don Diego and enter Cecil and hide in their cages, thwarting Don Diego’s attack.

Is it possible to escape the onslaught that began between Huma, Isabel, Merriam, and Esma? What will Pedro do not to miss his beloved Merriam? Who will come forward to save Merriam?

What kind of loss will Oruç and Khidr experience? How will Selim Tumi take revenge when he hears that his slaves have been abducted? What will be the price paid by Oruç and Hızır Don Diego?

knowing that no matter how many attempts Baba made, Hisar failed to save himself, Elias, with Esma’s help, escaped from his dungeon and took Messiah Pasha’s aide to confess to the real culprits of the massacre, in Kalimnos.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 With Hindi Subtitles

In the face of this event, the Messiah could not stop Pasha from saying that he would kill Elias wherever he was found, and Elias was shot in front of his eyes. but How can Orus take revenge on Messiah Pasha for shooting his brother Will Elias Huma told Esma that Ilias had escaped from the dungeon and that if anything happened to Ilias’ life, he would be trampled.

What punishment will Huma give him, and what will Esma do in return? Hızır, Piri Reis, and Murad find traces of Shabaz and Piero as they prepare to seek Don Diego’s protection, and are trapped when they go to capture them. But with the arrival of Cara Hassan and the Ottoman soldiers can Hızır and the levents who escaped from this trap, Şahbaz, and Piero be taken to Calame’s What obstacles await them along the way, and who are the new enemies? Will Gabriel be involved in the massacre at Calames? Will Moden’s success begin?

With Zeynep, whose life is in danger, Hızır makes the arduous journey of removing Pietro’s men and giving Master Süleyman the confidence he has in him.

Learning of the situation, Pietro mobilized all means to find ways to achieve both hope and Hızır. Meanwhile, Hızır and Zeynep think that even if they split up they will never meet again, fate will reunite them.

Oruç and İlyas are very surprised to find out who is the leader of the trap set for them. They will find themselves in a conflict again. Seeing his family murdered before his eyes, Isaac is captured by Pirate Year. During the severe torture he endured, Isaac uttered the names of his brothers, almost as if pleading for help.

Antuwan, whose only goal is to kill Oruc and avenge his brother, waits patiently until Oruc arrives to save his landlord.

Who set a trap for Orus and Elias?
Can Isaac escape from Anthony’s clutches?
Can Hızır deliver what was entrusted to Master Solomon?

But The play is about the uprising of four brothers coming out of Lesvos, becoming conquerors of the seas in the face of dangers; It tells the story of the four sons of Sibahi Yaqub Aga, Isaac, Orus, Hisar, and Elias, who are the Barbarossa brothers.

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